Wrong Food

If your food is different from the receipt or you ordered the wrong item(s), please call us immediately.  For credit card orders, we will void the wrong items and if amount of the new item is more then we will recharge the differences on your credit card. For cash, you will be asked to pay the differences of the balance if the new item(s) has more value.  In some cases we may offer you a store credit. Your order will be priority if you come to pick it up. All cases, please return the wrong food in the original container(s) to avoid additional charge.

Return / Refund / Cancel

Sorry, no refund if you change your mind after your order has been completed. We may issue you a store credit please contact us for more information.

On all orders in the amount of $100 or more, you will be ask to provide a credit card number for security, if cancel we will charge 50% of the total amount of order. 

For questions please feel free to contact us by phone at 650-873-8341 or email us at info.wessf@gmail.com